There are many great Golf Courses in this area of Jalisco and here are two that we reccomend.
One of the World's Top Golf Resorts is located right in Barra, the Grand Isla Navidad Golf/Spa Resort.

Grand Isla Navidad Resort in Barra de Navidad

The 27-hole course is one of the two golf courses in Mexico that have received the "Gold Medal Award" distinction from Golf Magazine and was named Mexico's Leading Golf Resort 2012" by World Travel Awards. Its spectacular views and the green areas between the sand dunes allow, in addition, a majestic view of the lush mountains and from the five ocean front holes

Grand Isla Navidad Golf Resort in Barra de Navidad

This championship course was designed by Robert von Hagge, who utilized the amazing natural landscape, the fresh water lagoons, and the long beach to design one of his masterpieces. No great golf course can be regarded as such anywhere in the world that is not at the same time visually magnificent. The three nines at Grand Isla Navidad Resort: the Ocean 9, the Mountain 9, and the Lagoon 9, while their character remains the same, they are nonetheless very different in every respect and can be enjoyed by golfers of all levels and aptitudes.  For more information, please visit Grand Isla Navidad Resort.

Santiago Golf Club (approximately 35 minutes from Barra de Navidad) is a field that at first glance looks so simple because of the plane fairways despite being 9 holes you have the option to play 18 holes at different outputs, those that invite you to take the challenge to play and realize that you're playing different holes. Although they are the same tracks. In this great field you will feel at home as you have the option to go out and play either with a golf cart, hauling your cart or be accompanied by a friendly caddy. You decide, and that is why this great field makes the difference from all others.

Santiago Golf ClubWhich you will notice listening to the birdsong, watching the iguanas, armadillos, raccoons, surrounded by green mountains. Enjoy the sea breeze as Santiago Golf Club is located just steps from one of the beautiful beaches of the Mexican Pacific beach that invites you to relax and sip a refreshing drink after a great day of play, we are surrounded by areas exclusive residences, while maintaining a balance with nature. For more information, please visit Santiago Golf Club.